Farewell message

From his hospital bed Roger dictated this message which he asked me to email to his closest friends and colleagues after he died. A few of those emails bounced back; in other cases I never had an email address to begin with. Undoubtedly there were names he forgot to include simply because he had a lot on his mind. Could anyone reading this please ensure that all his friends get the news of Roger’s passing.

Hi, people.

We had a lot of fun working and playing together. Sad to say, those days are past. But I am happy to move on, having been enriched by our friendship, our adventures, and the lessons (some good, some bad) that we learned together.

Michael has been instructed to send this message to all of my friends, to tell you that my last thoughts, dreams, and reminiscences were of you. You were very important in my life and I shall miss being in your presence. But as long as it’s possible to have memories in the next world, I will remember you.

Thanks, people. I love you all.

Roger Warner Old Tucson

2 thoughts on “Farewell message

  1. Again I find myself looking thru the entries here. Sad that you are gone and yet happy to see how much you were loved and respected. I miss you!

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